Friday, February 5, 2010

Hey Wait! Come back!


  1. such a great sense of movement! love his ears, by the way. i'm a fan of big ears haha.

  2. really nice, love that graphic box in the backgound really helps the feel of movt.

  3. Really great Pablo. Love to see more with this kid!

  4. Very nice! The frame like structure behind the figure, is that what you use to draft the movement?

  5. Louise: Thanks so much. I try my hardest to show some type of movement on my sketches or drawings even if it's only 1 hair. As for the big ears...yup big fan of them as well. They show so much character.

    Brad: Thanks Brad!!

    Justin: Thanks Justin. I will be sure to sketch this lil guy more often.

    Abz: :}

    Suni: Thank you. As for the frame honestly I just threw it in there just to add a lil composition to the drawing once I drew the kid out but I guess just out of habit I did the box with a angle look to it which in turn seemed to help out with the movement of the characters.

    Oscar: Thanks Buddy!