Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too good to pass up.

Hi everyone. Here's a couple of sketches of people I seen today and yesteday on the street that were just to cooky to pass up and not sketch them out. I've really learned my lesson on always keeping a pocket sketchbook wherever I go. You just never know who you might see. The 2nd sketch was a lady who I seen crossing the street and she had her jacket over her head and pulling it down so her hair would not blow in the wind. Was funny watching her cross the street walking all cool. Ha!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hey Everyone! Wanted to post a couple of sketches of a character from the He-man cartoons called Tri-klops. I was asked by a great artist Zane Yarbough.  if I would like to join in  on a weekly challenge for a fun blog that just started up. http://bobafettdayweek.blogspot.com/ Check it out,  there are some very talented artists there.I had a blast sketching up this character for the first time. Also if your not familiar with Zane's work you should stop by his blog  and take a look at some fantastic work that he posts up. http://www.artofzane.com/