Thursday, April 29, 2010

Home is in a Mushroom

Was just thinking about the cartoon show the Smurfs and now I can't get their song out of my mind. Tra la la la la etc. So with that song going in my head over and over again I figured I might as well do some concept sketches of their mushroom homes. Now if I can only get this song out of my blasted head!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Blue

Here's some random sketches of young child in his 1 piece blue pj's. Just having some fun. The last 3 images were just random images I drew out on different pages and thought why not just but them in a short sequence since they do kinda tell a story once there placed together. I hope.  Also wanted to say thanks again for everyone that stops by and comes to take a look at my posts even though I've been lagging of late but thank you for continuing to follow my blog and for the nice comments. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyday Peeps.

Well once again I've been lagging with posts. Not that I have had a lot of control of that for various reasons but I'm hoping the month of May will bring a different tune. So thought I would post some sketches that I doodle when I'm driving. Not that I'm driving and drawing....well okay maybe once or twice I might have tried. But usually I try to look for people walking down the sidewalk and try to memory sketch them once I come to a stop sign and quickly sketch them out before the light turns green. A lot of fun to do but hate it when the light turns green to fast by the time I pick up my pocket sketchbook and then I lose that mental picture at the moment. But eventually that certain person sticks in my head and I'll sketch them out at home. Always nice to do all these little doodles of people because you just never know when you can use these sketches for certain projects or jobs.