Thursday, April 29, 2010

Home is in a Mushroom

Was just thinking about the cartoon show the Smurfs and now I can't get their song out of my mind. Tra la la la la etc. So with that song going in my head over and over again I figured I might as well do some concept sketches of their mushroom homes. Now if I can only get this song out of my blasted head!!!


  1. really fantastic sketches, i love how you did a few different versions. i don't remember the smurf song so luckily it won't get stuck in my brain!

  2. I hope you get that song out your head soon or youll be drawing mushrooms for the rest of youre life!

    Not that thats a bad thing if they are as cool at these ;)

  3. Very cool and much more interesting than the originals! Great loose sketches, they look so pro.

  4. you have a unique colour palette!

  5. Hey! I think it would be pretty cool to live in one those mushrooms ^_^. Love the loose lines Pablo! Really cool!

    Are you still singing the song?

  6. Nice! I love the shapes and looseness of it! Great stuff!

  7. Cute and looks familiar...Hmmm, where have I seen these types of house? Yes, the SMURFS :)

  8. really nice! I love the one on the lower page to the right, tis cool :)

    I remember doing some sort of layout like this in college; a village of mushroom houses.

  9. AWESOME!! I love your Mushroom houses!! And thank you for getting that song stuck in my head lol.

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a look as well as commenting.

    Brad: Thanks Brad!! Yeah it's not a song that you want to get stuck in your head because it stays in your head forever!!

    Ken: Thanks Ken! Thanks for nothing. I had it out of my mind until you brought it back up! (goes to cry in the corner)

    Ian: Wow thank you! Appreciate the comments.

    Abz: Thanks buddy. I hope it's unique in a good way. really good way right...right??

    Tj: Thanks Tj: I did have the song out of my mind until Ken brought up the subject again. Thanks Ken.

    Djordje: Thanks So much.

    Suni: Lol thanks Suni.

    Louise: Thank you.

    Sandra: Thanks Sandra. Oh I would love to see those. Post them up sometime if you still have them.

    Dawn: Thanks Dawn! Well If I'm going to go down with this song I'm taking a few of you guys with me. Feel my pain. lol

  11. i freaking love this Pablo! very nice job! :)