Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday!

Been a weird day today. So on that note here's some Random  Doodles of some people I saw on the street today. Trying to capture what there gesture without trying to think that everything needs to look proportionally right. Just trying to catch their essence. A lot of the times  I'll fail at it but that's the fun part doing these because eventually we'll nail it.  Wheeee!


  1. THey are all wonderful, I love their hands. Well done!

  2. Hey Pablo! nice sketches, as always ^_^!! Wow. That last dude has a very elegant pose! I had a feeling that he would burst out in dancing or something...in fact..the first dude also has an elegant walk!

    Heey if you say wheee...do you run happily run around too. Erm okay you can stop with the evil stare...I had to ask hehe.


  3. I love trying to do sketches of people you see while out driving later from memory. So hard, but so fun! Why does it seem like all the crazy fun characters are always in front of you when you can't possibly sketch them. These are very fun, for whatever reason I'm totally getting a Mario vibe from that top one, and the construction workers pose is wonderful, you can feel his weight. Nice Nice Nice! :]

  4. Abz: Thanks man!

    Dawn: As always a million thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Tj: Thank you! Okay you caught me. I do run around yelling wheeeeeeee! The hard part is trying to dodge the oncoming traffic. What? I'm not supposed to be doing that in the middle of the street??

    Kendra: Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. Appreciate it and you know what your absolutely right. All the best characters seem to be in the front when driving. It drives me up the wall (no pun intended) But yeah 1st chance I get to a stop sign I try to doodle what I captured as fast as I can. Super fun to do.