Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Is Sketchbook Month Day 3

Keep with the Little Rascals Theme and one of my fav. episodes.


  1. great designs! i wish i could see this animated!

  2. Bee-yoo-ti-full!
    The body language and poses are superb. I love the looseness of line and quick, rough colors.
    So, who's next - Alfalfa? Buck Wheat? Petey?

  3. I miss the little rascals. I use to have the entire box set on VHS. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :]

  4. Brad: Me too Brad me too.

    BluemoonPaul: Thanks so much for your comments. Not sure who's next yet...I kinda want to do another character that I always thought were funny but never were the main characters. Hmmmm I wonder who might be next to sketch.

    Kendra: Wow the whole box set. That's awesome. Years ago I worked for a company that did the colorization of Rascal episodes. I know it was my job but Rascal episodes look best in black and white not in color. Glad to oblige with a trip down memory lane.