Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Is Sketchbook Month Day 2

Was thinking about little Rascals today and which one of them to sketch. One of my fondest memories of watching reruns of Old episodes was the one with Chubs and Mrs. Crabtree. Man looking at these episodes really shows how times have changed. But anyways found a cool image of Chubs thought it would be cool to draw him for my  day 2 sketch in my style. Might keep going with the Lil Rascals theme this week.


  1. Lots of great sketches here! Good luck with sketchbook month too. :)

  2. i love the lil rascals reruns too! looks just like him, and i love your lines so smooth and loose. you really know how to pull some great shapes! i think you should keep up with the lil rascals this week

  3. Great pose. You don't see much doffing of the hat these days. I've never seen the Lil Rascals. But I think it might be something my son and I might enjoy together. I recently brought him a DVD of the 3 stooges and he laughs more than any other show on TV.

  4. Thanks Everyone for nice comments and stopping by to see what I post.

    Chris: Thank you! Look forward to your posts.

    Animation Girl: Ahh shucks! Thank you.

    Brad: Yeah little Rascals are classic. Can never get tired of them. Also going to do a few more characters. More of the ones that I thought were really funny as opposed to the ones we are normally familiar with like Alfalfa and Buckwheat. Thanks for the compliments on the shapes and lines of my sketches. Really try to aim and be conscious of that when I'm sketching.

    Chris: Thanks man! You gotta Youtube some episodes. They are classic fun. I'm a big fan of 3 Stooges as well and those are a blast to watch. They just don't make shows like that anymore.