Thursday, July 1, 2010

Witch Fest!

I guess I'm still stuck on my Witch Theme today. So here's some more sketches on the subject. Is it Halloween Yet??


  1. Hah, the poor little frog. Great poses on the bottom drawings too.

    I agree, Halloween will not come fast enough :(

  2. These are great man! Love the movement and personality you've used here. Awesome stuff!

  3. AWESOME! I looooooooooove the witch trying to kiss the frog, his expression is perfect lol. I love your style!

  4. hahaha wow there are some really great poses in the smaller drawing I love the light color that you are putting on things very cool

  5. Dennis: Thanks man! Yeah buy Halloween will be here sooner then we think. Time is just flying to fast.

    Abz: Thanks. Right back at you!

    Justin: Hey man How are you?? Thanks for the nice comments.

    Dawn: Ahh shucks thanks Dawn. Your too kind. But I'm glad you like what I've been doing and yes I love that frogs look as well. lol

    Zane: Thanks! Yeah seems the smaller I draw them the more movement I tend to show. Weird. But it's always fun. As for adding the light color to it....yeah at the moment that's kinda my M.O been into putting light washed of watercolor on my drawings or sketches. I really like the soft pallet the most since it's pleasing to the eye. I'm glad your digging them.