Monday, June 28, 2010


Was in a little Lord of the Rings mood today so thought I'd sketch up a little Samwise Gamgee.


  1. What a cute hobbit. Do you remember the animated version of The Lord of The Rings?

  2. Samwise has always been my favorite, and you certainly did him justice!

    Sorry for my absence and lack of comments. I'm just getting back in the swing of things!

  3. Now THAT is fantastic! I'm a big Tolkien fan and you did quite a fun job.

  4. Beautiful line work! I love the hands and feet... good stuff man! :D

  5. great light color did you do this with watercolor

  6. Thanks everyone for the nice comments and hope to post more frequently from here on out.

    Steve: Do I remember the animated version?? Heck ya I do!! When I think of hobbits I think of that animated movie and kinda mesh that style into the sketch a little.

    Dennis: Thanks! Great to see you back. Look forward to seeing your work again.

    Ian: Thanks Ian! I should have had him
    cooking some potatoes!

    Abz: Thanks Man Appreciate it. Been really Digging your sketches that you've been posting of late.

    Zane: Thank you! Oh and yes I colored it up with some good ol fashioned watercolor wash.

    Louise: Thank you so much.