Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Fish Please!

Here's some more fishy sketches that I was playing around with. Was trying to come up with a little fish named squirt so played with that a bit and the 2nd page since I was on the fish subject so I thought I'd do some rough thumbnails of Aquaman in action.


  1. Very cool sketches!! I like the name squirt. Oh hey! Wasn't Squirt the name of that little turtle in Finding Nemo? I love Finding Nemo ^_^.

    I think that little fish on the second page, the one you didn't color, looks like a perfect Squirt!

  2. Wow - the movement in these is awesome! Love it - keep it up :P

  3. HA! Love the fish drawings, especially the expressions!

  4. Tj: You know I think your right. I think it was the little turtle. Doh! Now I have to think of a new name.

    Barry: Thanks man.

    TinylilSandra: Thank you. I will try my best to keep em coming.

    Suni: Thanks Suni.

    Ken: Thanks Ken. Appreciate it.