Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something DIfferent

Wanted to do something different today so sketched out a couple of heads that were not really cartoony. Also fun to do sketches in a different style.


  1. Always good to show your range! These are fantastic by the way :).

  2. Thanks Dennis. Appreciate the comment. Now if I can just learn to color digitally. That is something I really need to work on.

  3. I saw your comment at Abz....soo I had to check out how you draw ^_^! You are really talented! I love your style!!

    I also need to develop cool skills in digital coloring. I only know a few very basic steps *sigh*. Now, I usually just give a simple wash of watercolor. But I like rough sketches way better.

    Keep it up! I shall follow you! Ciao

  4. Thanks Tj for the comment and for stopping by my blog! Yeah well at least I don't feel alone wanting to learn the whole digitally coloring thing. I'm sure we'll both eventually learn it but I really love artwork that uses watercolor. That's another thing I'm trying to learn. But it sure is fun trying it out. Thanks again TJ.