Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look into my Mole....skine

Here's a page of sketches that are from my Moleskine Notebook. Alot of the drawings that I've posted on my blog are from the same sketchbook and other drawings are from other books I carry around. But I really digg the x-large notebook softcover. It takes my pencil and pen lines like butter and it's great since most of the time I like to do quick sketches and really try to focus on movement even if it doesn't make any sense. heh


  1. Cool sketches!! (Yes, I'm stalking you today!)

    I have a few moleskine sketchbooks that I carry around. The paper is really amazing and you're right, the pencil just slides over the surface! Amazing quality!

  2. Hahhaha. Stalk away TJ! I'm glad you make the time to stop by and comment on my stuff I post.

    Also yes I love all the moleskines. I always love drawing on smooth paper.

  3. I love the way you draw the movement of the hair.... great job!

    Thanks about the comment... It doesnt take me long at all..but i usually do them in groups. For example...I sketch them all, I outline them all...I then block colour them all...then I do the details... so its kinda hard to figure out how long each one takes to complete seperately... but i would like to say i do one a day-- without killing myself with stress and over-working. One day of relaxed laid back hours ..taking my time. :)


  4. Great rhythm and movement to these! Super stuff!

  5. Great sketches. They all have great silhouettes.

    I would love to see an animated version of The Lord Of The Rings using your character designs.

  6. Loving all the new sketches! especially the band leader.

    I love the moleskin paper in the smaller hardcover sketchbooks, I get the best pencil with it. I have been thinking about getting something a little bigger though, so I might have to try this one out!

  7. So good! look at those poses, so nice :) love the feeling of movement in them! well done!!!

  8. TinyLilSandra: Thank you.

    Abz: Thanks Buddy and thanks for giving me the info on how you attack a piece your working on.

    Jim: As always thank you.

    Dustin: An animated LOTR would be awesome to say the least.

    Suni: Thank you!

    Bec: Thank you! Yeah I have the smaller one as well but on occasion this x-large one is just as fun to work in. I'm sure you'll love it.

    Desiree: Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it and thank you for your nice comments.

  9. Dope! I really like the movement in these doodles!

  10. Whoa! Awesome gestures! great feeling of force!

  11. Thanks Jeremy!

    Joe thanks for commenting on my stuff and stopping by my blog.