Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Seen a photo online of this classic doll and figured why not put my spin on her.


  1. Your signature colors for sketching-- Its nice to have a unique distinguished look!

  2. Great touch with the feet in the top sketch. Perfect attitude!

  3. dude good call man these are great I like the creepy take on them

  4. Thanks Abz! I'm glad that I'm getting or have my own nitch. Never really even noticed that those little nuances of mine can set me apart from other artists.

    Justin: Thanks Justin.

    Zane: Thanks buddy. Yeah was hoping to aim for something like that. Looking at these again I know that I could push these 100x more.

    Dawn: How are you? Thanks for your comment.

    Zane: Ooooops. Totally forgot to re-post him back up. There was a correction I wanted to make on the sketch that kinda irked me. But he is now back up.

  5. Very cool! I'm really diggin' Raggedy Ann! Looks great!