Monday, August 30, 2010

Naked Trees and Misc Comps

Happy Monday!! Thought today I kinda do something different and sketch up some old trees that really have no leafs and pretty much down right weird looking. Wanted to play with shapes and didn't care in the end what it looked like. Oh sorry about the writing underneath the tree sketches. I usually just jot down what pencil I used for that particular sketch just in case I prefer a certain look or feel of that particular tool. Also thought I throw up a few comp. drawings. Looking at these over again I know I could and should be pushing this even more. The joy or being an artist and learning as we go.


  1. Great stuff as always Pablo! Writing down the kind of Tool you used is a great idea. I might start doing that. And also, thanks for the kind words over at my spot!

  2. The trees are awesome! Really love the organic like form and the free range of motion! Very very nice Pablo!! Hope you are having a great summer!

  3. hey man really digging the comp drawings you should really think about turning some of those in to full out illustrations, like the one with the snake that would be really sweet to flesh out on a larger format.