Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun with Rain

Man it's been raining over here in So. Cal for most of the week. Which is incredible since it hardly rains here. But since it's raining that's a great reason to has some fun. Drew these up remembering the fun I had going outside in the rain when I was growing up and how great it was to get soaked and of course later on get the flu for having a blast getting soaked. Ahhh good times...good times.


  1. Ah the rain. You either love it or you hate it. I'm not sure where I stand in this ^_^. Why you ask? Because of the largeness of my hair...

    But these drawings are really cute! You know, maybe I will run oustide the next time it rains here ^_^

  2. These are fun little doodles! Check out my updates dude, havent heard from u in ages!

  3. Tj: As always...thank you for always stopping by when I post.

    Abz: Hey man thanks. Yeah I've been commenting on your recent posts especially those rocking mermaids. My comments should be there.

  4. I see myself :) Sweet drawings!